For those unfamiliar with my Tumblr I’ve been keeping track of my books read this year in the form of a challenge. It started off as what I had dubbed “The Great 2014 backlist” challenge and has since just turned into “A Lot of Books I Want to Read.” I had divided up my 225 book goal into sub challenges like “read 36 of the 1001 Books to Read Before You Die list” and “1 Pulitzer Prize winner a month” among others. That got old super fast. I did start the year strong and blew a chunk out of those numbers, but I burned out way before the halfway mark. I wasn’t not reading, I just couldn’t prescribe myself books. Just because something is award winning doesn’t mean I’m in the mood and I found out this year that I have zero interest in A LOT of the books on the 1001 List. So I reread a lot of my favorite urban fantasy series, discovered new to me backlist through Oyster and new books out this year. Basically reading whatever the fuck I want, as it should be.

I think I’ve done pretty well for myself, I’m at 146 out of 225. I lost a bit of time last week due to being on vacation in Rome/Florence, but plan to make up for it this week since I have a week without my kids and the husband will be at work. But I’m not going to push myself. I also have some gaming I want to do and napping will also be high on the itinerary.

My future plans involve catching up on my review copies. Some books have been out for awhile, but I got caught up and never got to them so maybe we’ll have a Week in Review. I also want to explore the short stories genre as it feels like I haven’t given them as much as a chance as I should. Thinking July will be the month of the short story. There are backlists of authors that I would like to explore, Chimamanda Ngozi Achidie for example. I fell in love with Half of a Yellow Sun this year and also have Americanah and Purple Hibiscus on standby. So I’m still keeping plans…just loosing up a bit.


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