Pull List Loot: September 10, 2014

Sep 10
Pardon my shadow

When Marvel Unlimited put a month subscription on sale for 99 cents I was there. It let me discover a lot of great comics. I didn’t renew when the price went back up, but I might in the future. There are still tons of comics I’d like to get started on. But for now I think I’ve gotten enough to keep me busy. One of the series I picked up? The new run of X-Men with the all female cast. LOVE it. Also in the mix is Black Widow. I was missing #5 and my comics shop was able to get it for me. Still missing #7 so now I get to track that one down. I might break down and get it digitally just so I know what that storyline is because as far as I understand it’s the end of an arc then go back later and grab it. The last one is Elekra. I actually haven’t started this one yet, but people who have similar taste in comics have raved so I’m willing to try.


So have you picked up any new comics this week? What would you do if you were missing a pivotal issue that your usual store couldn’t get you?

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