And We’re Off….#24in48

So #24in48 has officially started. I’m not officially on the clock yet, but there is a questionnaire up for us and here we go.

  1. What part of the world are you reading from this weekend? Santa Cruz, California
  2. What book are you most looking forward to reading? Finishing Station Eleven due to all the Rioter raves. Also Love Me Back
  3. Are you planning on reading from someplace besides your house or apartment this weekend? I’m getting a pedicure so perfect reading time. 
  4. Tell us something about yourself! I am a fan of Eddie Izzard and books with snarky characters. 
  5. If you’ve done this readathon before, do you have any tips for other readers? If you haven’t, is there anything you’re nervous about? I haven’t done this particular readathon before, but I’m a bit nervous about getting all 24 hours in as I have two kids and their activities. However, I figure I’ll do the best I can.

I’m watching Arrow tonight, but tomorrow I’ll be ready to go!

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