#24in48 Day 2 Round up

This morning I’m up and ready to go, even though it’s a late start. What can I say, I rarely get lazy Sundays and this was no exception. Had to do a spot of housekeeping, but now all is right in the world.

Brunch, book and peppermint mocha
Brunch, book, and peppermint mocha

I didn’t track my time yesterday because I was all over the place, however I did track my pages. I had three books completed, and a few I made dents in. I also listened to an audiobook for about twenty minutes, but really have no way to track it page wise. Here’s the rundown.

  • I finished Station Eleven which was 110 pages.
  • Finished The Wishing Spell at 467 pages.
  • Finished Persepolis 2 at 187 pages
  • Read 56 pages of The Forty Rules of Love
  • Read 51 pages of Alias Hook
  • Read 50 pages of His Dark Materials Omnibus
  • Read 20 pages of The Hundred Secret Senses

I read a total of 941 pages which is pretty awesome. I don’t think I’ll hit as high as numbers today as I got a bit of a date planned with my honey later. There is wine involved so anything is possible.

How did you do yesterday? How well do you think you’ll do tonight?

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