Harper Lee!

Guys I know. I know. I promised I’d do better and I’ve already failed you. I’m not done though. I’m just reworking some ideas. Doing a post for all the #readharder tasks wasn’t really working for me. I am not a book review site and it was starting to feel that way. I’m rethinking how I want to do that. I also am toying with branching out from just writing about books to other awesome geeky stuff I like. Still working the angles.

In better news, I’m sure you’ve already heard the squee worthy Harper Lee news. I’m optimistic with reservations (which is coincidently my new band name). I’ll read it, of course. I am just scared of what kind of expectations comes from such an epic announcement.

2015 is setting up to be pretty great in books. We get a new Millennium (which I can never spell right the first time) book, a Harper Lee, and a Toni Morrison. I like saying it like that. It sounds like instead of their books, we’re all actually going to get the authors themselves. There are some genre authors who put a book out around the same time each year that I’m also looking forward to, but it’s not really the same, right? We take those for granted. It’s these authors who write sparingly so we must savor each bite. No matter the quality of the Harper Lee book, it’s doubtful we’re going to get any more after that. Toni Morrison is older so we probably don’t have many more from her in the future and Stieg Larsson is no longer with us so the rest of the Millennium books in theory aren’t even what he would have given us.

Are you going to reread To Kill a Mockingbird to get ready? Who would you like to see a new book from right now?


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