Book Riot Quarterly Box!!!

On a day where my ass is getting kicked from a sinus infection, it was perfect timing to get my Book Riot Quarterly Box. The note says : “We’ve chosen a chilling theme to go with the oh-so-chilly weather. Hunker down, huddle up, and wrap your mind around some matters of life and death and the in-between.” I am now gleeful for the cold weather the rest of the country is getting so I can get an awesome package since it’s been downright balmy here.

IMG_0152Half-Resurrection Blues – Daniel José Older with a custom bookmark drawn by Older: I have this one  on digital, but now I have a copy to take to Book Riot Live to get signed.








#booksandbooze flask from Liquid Courage – Something else I’m taking to BR Live! Ha! But seriously the husband and I have been talking about getting a couple of these…now he needs to get his own.




IMG_0154Being Mortal by Atul Gawande – I’m probably not in the right mindset to be reading this since my sinus infection is making me wish for death, but I’ll be diving into it later I’m sure.














IMG_0155A notebook with a library card cover – I dig this so hard. It comes from no surprise to me that it’s from Out of Print. They’re the only ones who rock harder than Book Riot in the book world. I love me a good notebook.




Are you doing the Quarterly Box from Book Riot? Did you get one of the lamps or the lottery items? Spill it!


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