My Week in Reading or Not Reading

I thought I was going to get a hell of a lot more reading done this week because my husband had been gone on a business trip. All that time after the kids went to bed would be mine. All mine.

Except not so much.

We ended up using FaceTime to watch television together. Ah well.

I did get through my ginormous pile of comics that I let get way too backed up. Yesterday I binged:

Black Widow #5-16
Thor #3-6
Storm #4-8
Giant Days #1
Curb Stomp #1
Ex Machina Vol 1
Gotham Academy #1
Spider-Gwen #1

In book-books, I have been slacking so hard. I’ve been finishing a reread of Anne Bishop’s The Others series to catch up with her latest book Vision in Silver. And that’s taken me all week and that’s only two books. I blame Twitter and the fact I’ve been trying to finish the last season of The West Wing. And again…that pesky husband. I haven’t even read any of the books on my diversity reading list. I’m thinking once I finish Vision in Silver (hopefully today), I am jumping right back into that. I need to make a short list for that of books I need to get through next week.

How’s your week been in reading?

3 thoughts on “My Week in Reading or Not Reading

  1. Anie

    Only two books. ;__;

    Sorry if I’m assisting in the distractions! It’s just too much to chill on Twitter all day at work. 😉

    1. I usually can go through like four so for me it’s kinda slow. And I really thought I’d be able to knock a bunch out of my TBR with him being gone. Foiled. Haha. It’s definitely not you. I’m responsible for my own Twitter habit. There really just too much to talk about! Isn’t taking responsibility one of the steps? heh.

      1. Anie

        Two in a week is definitely pretty damn good for me — but to all of us our own paces. 😉 I wish you luck this week with your tbr!

        Twitter is so deliciously addictive at times.

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