Last Minute Prep and Plans

Suddenly my husband has to work on Saturday. You know what else is going on Saturday? Dewey’s Read-a-thon. Guess what I’m doing? Kids get a free day to play the Wii-U (something we save for the weekends anyway). Mama’s got some books to read. Me being me…I’m going to be spending today prepping. I have to make a list of books I can get through. For me,  read-a-thons are not the time or the place to pick up Murakami or Joyce. I usually reach for genre fiction. Books where that I usually don’t have to search for a lot of metaphor. Ones I can get through easily. I love readathons for this. It helps me get through a huge amount of back list. Graphic novels and my single issue comics are also on the list as well as any YA that might have been hanging around.

I also need to make sure I set some rules for myself as far as social media is concerned. I like to update as I go, but sometimes I go from updating twitter to scrolling through and -woah did you see that article on Tatiana Maslany? I have a couple choices here. I’m thinking my best bet is to only open my blog page and my twitter in the browser. it’s tempting to use my phone only, but I’ve got Sims Freeplay on there and that shit can be addicting.

Then there is what music to listen to while reading. While not usually, I do like listening to music sometimes. The problem is finding the right kind of music. I can’t listen to anything really catchy. Then I’ll be singing along instead of reading. Lately I’ve been into Sleater-Kinney or Pink’s new duo You+Me. I could use some help in this category. Is there a good Spotify playlist I should be subscribing to?

Off I go to prep. I’ll update in a bit to let you know what books I have planned!


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