Birthday Trip: Portland Edition

Wow, it’s been a bit since I’ve been on here. I’m sorry guys!

My birthday was this last Saturday and to celebrate, my husband surprised me with a road trip to Portland which you know means…Powell’s. We ended up going twice (of course we did). Who doesn’t love a bookstore so big they have to give you a map?

Like woah.
Of course I needed at least one signed book.
My husband standing guard over my books.
Representing the Riot…which was not intentional.
Trip one!
Trip two! Not counting the books I picked up for my kids.

There is something down right magical about Powell’s. I love the combination of used books and new. I felt a little bad having my husband trail after me with the basket, but he was game and kept telling me to take my time (he’s all mine ladies, back off). A tip for such a large bookstore? Personally, I made a list off my TBR of the books I wanted to buy the most. It’s easy to get overwhelmed after three floors of awesomeness. I scouted new books first and walked away with a few books not on my list. I didn’t notice they had search computers until the end of the second trip when we actually had to hurry up because we had a movie to catch so I missed out on a few books I’d been looking for.

I walked out with some great titles and can’t wait to start them. Although that N.K. Jemisin is looking quite intimidating.

Have you been to Powell’s? What’s your game plan when you go?


One thought on “Birthday Trip: Portland Edition

  1. Anie

    Powell’s is so amazing. I tend to get lost in there and then not come out with any books — there’s so many that I get distracted and can’t choose any books, and so I buy none at all!

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