You may have noticed there being very little being done here or on the TinyLetter. I apologize. It’s summer, which means for our family, the kids went to their grandparents’ house for FIVE weeks (I know!) and the hubs and I had glorious free time. Free time I didn’t feel like using for writing. To be honest, I did so much less reading than I thought I would. Instead, I went out with friends, did more yoga, and played video games. Now the kids are back, I’m actually doing more reading (I’ve finished six books since Monday) and we are still doing stuff. So I’ve decided to take the summer off from the blog and the TinyLetter. Not entirely. I’ll probably be doing my August TBR post soon, but mostly I’m going to step away and see if I can come back with fresh ideas and a clear mind. I’ll still be on Instagram and Twitter so be sure to follow me there. A few friends and I have been doing a #booksandleggings thing if you want to participate. The more leggings and books, the merrier. I’m @KarenaFagan on both accounts. Find me!

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