Seanan Shenanigans in San Francisco

I got really lucky a couple weekends ago and got to head to San Francisco with one of my buddies to the book launch of one of my favorite authors, Seanan McGuire. A Rose-Red Chain is the latest in her urban fantasy series featuring a changeling named October Daye. I won’t go on, but not only did I get a few books signed, win a prize (another of her books), and enjoy good music and just be in a bookstore, but I also got to hang out with Seanan herself. When I was getting my books signed, Seanan, a reptile aficionado, spotted the gecko tattoo I’ve been getting worked on (if you follow my Instagram or Twitter you’ll know it’s all done now), and basically a bond was formed. 

My friend Anie and I managed to lose our seats so had to stand in the back of the room where Seanan was and she immediately pulled out her phone and started showing me the pics of her alligator lizard and Maine Coons. It was great. Anie and I got to ask her questions about the series and Seanan was super gracious in answering them. The amount of canon she is able to remember! She also writes another urban fantasy series as well as a series about zombies among other projects so I am pretty impressed here. 

She did mention that in March the lastest in that other urban fantasy series is coming out and it just so happened the first book in a debut series is coming out the same day. The reason she mentioned it was not to smash the other author down, but to build her up, a thing I think the book community should always be doing. It’s not a zero sum thing. There is room at the table for everyone, we just have to make the space. This book in particular is called Borderline by Mishell Baker. It is exactly what we have been asking for. A main character who is not only afflicted with a mental illness, but is also a paraplegic. I really can’t wait to get my hands on this book. We need to put our money where our mouths are. Seanan is doing this by inviting Mishell to share her book launch party. I’ll be there. Will you?