Challenge Completed

I did it! With a few weeks to spare, I finished the Book Riot Read Harder Challenge. Remember back in January I started with Pissing in a River from the Indie Press Category? Well, I ended today with MacBeth for the Books Published Before 1850. I double checked with the Goodreads group to make sure plays were acceptable then ran over to download MacBeth from Audible. I choose the Los Angeles Theatre Works full cast performance version starring James Marsters since who can turn down listening to Spike from Buffy talk. I was a bit disappointed that he was in fact not using any accent, but he still put on a magnificent performance. I also read along in pieces because I have the complete plays in one ginormous volume so it needed to be used.

I slacked a bit on updating as I completed each task this year. I hope to do better. I may not give a whole review, but at least mark it when I finish. Here’s the completed list.

Done son
Done son

A few of my favorite reads from the list:

  • Almost Famous Women
  • Sunstone
  • An Ember in the Ashes 
  • Self-Inflicted Wounds
  • The Parable of the Sower
  • Half-Resurrection Blues

I’m seriously looking forward to next year. I am pretty pleased with the diversity in my choices. 15 out of 24 were women. 14 were by AoC. I only have 2 LGBTQ (correct me if I missed someone), although Sunstone is about a lesbian couple so I think half points should be awarded there. Next year I definitely want to increase this number as well as my number of non US/UK authors.

Did you participate in the challenge? If so what were your favorite books? Did any surprise you, good or bad? Do you have goals for next year? If you didn’t participate, that’s okay too. The next post will be my yearly wrap up and we can chat then about what awesome books we read this year.