October Wrap Up

Here we are, two days before Halloween and a little over a week until Book Riot Live in New York City. Hope October has been treating you well. Since the last post, I’ve been around here somewhere. I went to a book event with my friend where we saw YA author Sabaa Tahir interview fellow YA/Adult author Patrick Ness for his latest book. I’ll be honest, I went for Sabaa. I’ve heard of Patrick, but haven’t had a chance to read any of his works. However, I adored Sabaa’s An Ember in the Ashes. One of the many great fantasy novels I’ve read this year. Hell, one of the best novels I’ve read this year period. We had a great time.

I was able to head to our local library’s Fall Book Sale this past weekend. Since I didn’t make it until the end of the event, the pickings were slim, but I did find a few treasures. I hope the library was able to make a good amount of money for their services.

Really lately I’ve just been gearing up for Book Riot Live. I’ve started a stack of books I am going to take to get signed. I’ve made my schedule on the website the BR peeps sent us, including the Margaret Atwood signing. I did get a nice surprise when I went to Twitter to fret that my social anxiety was going to get the best of me and I’d chicken out and not introduce myself to anyone. Then this happened.

I’ve also been catching up on most of the speaker’s bibliography. I have one more to go, Safekeeping by Jessamyn Hope and maybe another Margaret Atwood. This week has been all about Ms. Beverly Jenkins. I’ve fallen in love with her books. They have a lot of Black history that we were never taught in school, as well as a huge amount of heart. I’m finishing up her Blessings series and it’s been a joy.

Halloween is this Saturday and I just figured out that my costume is literary based. Duh. I’m going as a kind of steampunk looking Lady Mad Hatter. The costume says “sexy,” but really, don’t they all, yet I don’t think it really is all that sexy. Don’t even get me started. I will be sure to post a picture on my Instagram (@karenafagan if you don’t already follow me and you should because lots of bookish fun happens there). We’re not doing anything too exciting beyond taking the kids to Trick or Treat and then snuggling down with some non scary Halloween movies because we are all cowards and have no plans on sleeping with the lights on. This is pretty much our family.

So next time we talk it will be November and I will give you all the dish about Book Riot Live. I’ll probably be tweeting and posting pics so keep an eye on my Twitter and Instagram accounts!

What are your Halloween plans? If you’re going to BR Live, hit me up! I want to meet peeps and talk books!

Book Riot Live and Dystopias

OMFG. If you follow me on Twitter you probably know where I’m going with this. I was not only one of the first 250 people, but one of the first 100 people to buy Book Riot Live tickets when they went on sale at 10am (PST) yesterday morning. I also got tickets to the event where you get to drink with some of the Riot staff and speakers at The Strand. This is amazeballs for me.

I not only get to go to New York City for the first time, but I also get to hang out with really cool bookish people (I know, seems redundant). Next on the list will be buying plane tickets and finding a place to stay. We’re going for longer than the event so you know we’re going to try to fit in some sight seeing as well.

After that excitement I devoured Parable of the Sower by Octavia Butler for the WoC Scifi/fantasy book club I joined. I can’t go to the first meeting, but I still wanted to read the book. And it was glorious. I recently read Station Eleven and found a lot of similarities. One was that there wasn’t a lot of focus on what caused the world to decline, but on the survivors. On how they dealt with the world changing. Written in 1993, the book takes place in 2026-2027 and it made it all too real reading it in 2015. Butler doesn’t do anything insane. She wrote a future that was realistic. Terrifying, but completely something I can see happening. I loved it. Luckily Scribd has Parable of the Talents, the next book so I’ll be starting that shortly.

I also spent some time with Come Together, Fall Apart by Cristina Henriquez which I’m also having a great time with. I generally struggle with short stories, but Henriquez gives me just enough story that I don’t feel short changed. I’m struggling with a sinus infection right now complete with a nice headache and blurry vision so I had to give it a break, but hopefully tonight I’ll delve into more of the story.

What did you read today? Are you going to BR Live?