Independent Bookstore Day

What a day. If you’re a book nerd (which you’re here, so I’m gonna assume that’s a yes), you know that April 30th was Independent Bookstore Day which basically as you can tell from the name, celebrates our indie bookstores. It started in 2014 as California (hells yeah) Bookstore Day, but quickly the whole nation got jealous on board with the awesome. I’ve been going to my local indie Bookshop Santa Cruz from the first year. Usually there are exclusive items you can only buy on that day, games to play, prizes to be won, and other fun activities. This year BSC kept up their reputation for awesome. There was a wheel to spin if you bought at least one of the exclusive items and were a part of their reader’s club that awarded fabulous prizes. I won a tote which I swapped to my bestie for a 20% off one item since she wanted a tote and I have approximately one million of them.

The exclusive loot
The exclusive loot

We also did a fun scavenger hunt around the bookstore where they gave us a partial thumbnail of  several book covers and hints where to find them around the store. We ran into a few problems when books had been moved from their places, but I worked with two of my buddies (and fellow Ladies Reading Speculative Fiction members) and we prevailed. Unfortunately I didn’t get a picture of it.

Then there was the photo booth! I gathered part of the book club and we got our glam on.

I’m a little sad you can’t see my bunny ears!

After an afternoon of haircuts and other fun errands, we gathered back at Bookshop for Trivia Night. Armed with free beer from Santa Cruz Mountain Brewery, six of the Speculative Fiction book club came and we almost conquered. After three rounds of literary trivia, we came in second place. I’m pretty proud of that. We won the third round after a tie breaker and won fabulous BSC mugs.

Some sample questions:

  • Richard Bachman is the pen name of what famous author? (I spit out almost half his bibliography before I could remember his name.)
  • A round robin where the teams in turn had to name all 24 of the characters who had a POV chapter in the A Song of Ice and Fire series by George R.R. Martin. We won that one by pulling out Areo and Arianne.
  • What family from Harry Potter lived at 12 Grimmauld Place?
  • Another round robin where we had to name the author of the book our Trivia Master Thomas gave us. Kon-Tiki was our downfall.
  • Name a book that won the Pulitzer Prize in the last three years.
  • What was the secret identity of the pulp hero Don Diego de la Vega?
  • What Dr. Seuss book character had 5o0 hats that he sold for 500 gold coins?
  • Who put a fatwa on Salman Rushdie?

Without googling see if you can answer these! Put your answers in the comments. If you love me though, you’ll skip the GoT one though.

IMG_1263 trivia scoreboard

How did you celebrate Indie Bookstore Day?


Bookstore Day


The clothes make the woman…buy a lot of books

Independent Bookstore Day which started out as California Bookstore Day last year is a day to celebrate our indie bookstores. Last year I made it late and missed out on a lot of the specialty items. This year I got to my favorite indie Bookshop Santa Cruz at opening.

I love this place!


They had lots of great things planned. They had a wheel of prizes where I won a book on California by a local author and participated in a scavenger hunt. The scavenger hunt gave me a moment of pause in the category asking for a classic I’d never heard of, but I prevailed! I wasn’t able to do the literary trivia, but I think my speculative fiction book club ladies are down for it next year.

So many fun events!


Pardon the crappy handwriting!


Spin baby spin
Hmm. As a native Californian I bet there’s still a lot about my home state I don’t know.

I came home with some nifty stuff, especially the Roxane Gay book which had been my main goal. I also bought some fuck socks inspired by Christopher Moore’s Fool. There are there three socks included to cut down on that blasted lost sock problem. Also some snarky tea towels which I’m almost not wanting to use. I didn’t realize Roxane Gay’s book would be autographed which made it extra special!

I’m a sucker for snark, Roxane Gay, and cool socks.
The first one! *is dead*
I ❤ you, Roxane! Can’t wait to read it!

Did you participate in Independent Bookstore Day? What stores did you go to? What awesome loot did you come home with?