Task #4 Indie Press: Pissing in a River

I really don’t want to do a full on review of each book I finish for Book Riot’s Read Harder challenge, but I do want to share some thoughts.

I just finished my first book for the challenge Pissing in a River by Lorrie Sprecher in the Indie Press category. It also could have easily been in the category for book about or by a member of the LGBTQ+ community, but I have some others for that one whereas this is my only indie book on hand. I’m trying to get some of the books I have here to fit the bill first before buying or borrowing others.

Pissing in a River was pretty great. I don’t listen to punk music, but even I recognized some of the bands that is mentioned. I loved the characters. They were flawed, gorgeously written women who cared for one another even while disagreeing. The relationships felt organic, both the romantic and platonic ones. I fell in love with the way Amanda tried to emulate the British slang.

I will gladly pick up Sprecher’s first book, Sister Safety Pin at some point and I’m interested to look at Feminist Press’s other titles.